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How do we help you?

Discovering opportunities

  • Monitoring trends and changes in consumer habits
  • Detecting and mapping users needs, motivations and key challenges

Optimization of the service delivering process

  • Customer Journey visualization and identification of gain and pain points (opportunity areas)
  • Redesign and development of innovative solutions
We follow you on the innovation path and the transformation process in order to be in line with the actual changing and digital market and the habits of the 21st century new consumers.

Innovation consulting

Innovative and flexible solutions


Customer experience analysis

Research and synthesis of collected data

The beginning of every Service Design project whose framework consists of in-depth empathic interviews with real users and the synthesis of collected data. At this stage, the objective is to understand the current state and to detect the desired state from the user’s perspective.


Solutions developement

Generation of ideas and preparation of a solution prototype

At this stage, the magic of generating ideas begins. The collected data is presented to a group of stakeholders and by means of ideation methods, they are encouraged to generate achievable and sustainable ideas that will later become a solution.


Achieving tangible results

Product testing with target audience and help in the implementation

Based on the ideas, a prototype is created that resembles the solution (e.g. a clickable prototype of a digital solution) so that based on the user’s interaction with the prototype, we can get feedback and improve the solution.

Prokotip’s team

Eva Komerički

Event management

Josip Harapin

Vizualni identitet

Maja Tomljenović



Jovana Vlaisavljević

Interdisciplinary design

Dinko Brčić


Tomislav Bakula

Full-Stack developer

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"Ideation workshops should be more frequent because they encourage constructive discussion which can result in significant business process improvement."

"It is very important to hear the thoughts of colleagues every now and then, this service design project made it possible."

The "brainstorming" was very useful to us because it showed from several viewpoints the possibilities of company development.

"As a collective, the workshops helped us connect."

"Very useful, some things that may have been fresh have now just crystallized out."