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Creation of “user-friendly” service packages for business users

About project


In order to make services for business users as accessible and clear as possible, innovative service packages have been designed. The main goal was to present the services better in a web environment, so the final solution included a digital component.

Process steps
First step

Because of the client’s large number of services that sometimes vary completely from department to department, the first step was to examine key internal stakeholders to discover the scope of work and the main industries that use the services. In-depth interviews were then conducted with business customers representing different industries, to reveal their habits and needs when ordering similar types of services.

Second step

The information was synthesized and visually presented in different ways. Business user profiles and their different customer journeys were created by industry, decision-making power and degree of involvement in the process. All the challenges and the insights detected during the in-depth interviews were schematic mapped.

Third step

Since numerous ideas for the realization were detected already in the first two phases of the process, ideation workshops were held, focused on the key directions of solving a given challenge. The solution of implementing the upgrade of the existing web site was selected, which will, based on the webshop principle, unlike the existing approach of looking for services by the internally determined departments, now enable the users to view exactly the services connected with the industry from which the users come.

Fourth step

The final prototype was a fully interactive, clickable solution that users could use in almost the same way to use the actual solution.

Fifth step
Testing and concretization

Based on the clickable prototype, business users tested the new solution. As a result of this testing, additional features and upgrade proposals were recorded in the functional specification of the digital solution for business user access that we deliver to the client.