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Student center in Zagreb

Revitalization of SKUC Pauk

About the project


The Student Center in Zagreb is an institution founded as far back as 1957 for the purpose of maintaining student education and standards where the following is organized: accommodation, food, temporary and occasional employment of students and their cultural, sports and other activities.


Once a legendary place where young people gathered – SKUC Pauk is not nearly sufficiently used today. Culturological trends have significantly changed with the rapid change in technology and student behavior. Pauk, as space, needs evolution in the content, and form, in accordance with modern needs of the student population. The goal of this project was to include students in active co-creation of the program content of the Pauk hall for different interest groups.

Step one

In order to investigate the desires and visions of all participants, we did a number of in-depth interviews with students, SC management and other stakeholders. We also investigated similar successful practices and innovative solutions in Croatia and abroad.

Step two

In the following phase of data synthesis and ideation we came up with possible solutions regarding space adaptation, creation of student space for coworking/co-learning, branding the project itself, creation of content, and the management structure.


Outlined potential direction of the business solution that is in line with the needs of a modern student.