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Zagreb School of Economics and Management

Service Design course

After a few years of cooperation as guest lecturers, the Zagreb School of Economics and Management and Prokotip created a “Service Design” elective course. About 20 foreign and domestic students worked diligently on a project related to a non-profit association engaged in representing entrepreneurial interests. Participants learned the main principles and phases of every Service Design project through the hands-on approach.

Startup studio Bihać, BIH

Startup your idea

We spent two unforgettable days in the northwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the city of Bihać, where we led a group of enthusiastic young future entrepreneurs. Through a series of workshops, we formulated their ideas into what would become business plans. Attendees learned the importance of market research, the creation of user-persona, insight maps, customer journeys, and many other tools they will need in future entrepreneurial activities. Business models ranged from mobile apps, innovative business models in the hospitality industry, production of organic products, and a whole range of services related to parenting.

Mozaik knjiga

Diary of my Childhood

Based on the market demand, Prokotip devised “The Diary of my Childhood”, a unique vault of memories by which parents can communicate with the persons taking care of their child. The project is realized in collaboration with the publisher Mozaik knjiga.

Zagreb School of Economics and Management

Design thinking course

We held a workshop and lecture on the topic of the services design within the summer school program for foreign students of the Zagreb School of Economics and Management.


Workshops of services design

We held two workshops within the ZALET project, the program for support to micro-entrepreneurs organized by HAMAG-BICRO, in which entrepreneurs passed through all the phases of the services design process. Within the workshop, they had a chance to make prototypes of the solutions for their operation, and test the solution with the target audience.

Study of Design – Faculty of Architecture

Development of Florigami products

In collaboration with the Study of Design, we had the goal of creating a functional gift. The solution we reached is “Florigami” – a small unfoldable garden. It is only necessary to open the “Florigami”, and follow the instructions on the strip, add some soil and put in the seeds that are a part of the packaging. After a few weeks, red and green basil will fill your home and office with a scent and enable you to enrich the dishes with this aromatic herb. When the plant becomes big, the functional biodegradable flower pot can be planted into the ground.

Student Association e-STUDENT

Mentorship at Smartup competition

As mentors, we took part in the #Smartup competition at which students entrepreneurs turn their ideas into business projects.

Faculty of Economics and Business, Zagreb

Workshop of design thinking

We held a lecture and the design thinking workshop at the Faculty of Economics and Business on the topic “How to solve problems of homeless persons in Zagreb”.


Mentorship at MashUP event

We participated in the Atlas MashUP event in Pula, which assembled cultural startups from various countries of Europe. At MashUP, we assisted over ten startups in better presentation of their ideas.


Workshop of design thinking

Since the design thinking process is primarily people-centred, it is used not only for redesigning the user experience, but also for redesigning one’s own life. Within the SENSA days in Maksimir park, we held a workshop at which the participants created their own five-year plan in which they defined the priorities in their life and career, with the focus on the activities creating positive emotions