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Service Design in digitalization eco-system

Service design kao holistički fazni proces pruža prijeko potrebne preduvjete jednog digitalizacijskog procesa. Kroz istraživanje, empatijske intervjue i uključivanje korisnika u dizajn rješenja omogućava se istinski bottom-up pristup i uključivanje potreba stvarnih korisnika budućeg digitalnog rješenja koje predstavlja odgovor na spomenute potrebe.

State of digitalization in public administration of Republic of Croatia

Prokotip carried out the secondary (reports, strategies, laws, regulations) and primary research through empathic interviews of 30 public sector employees (with decision-makers in focus) in order to ascertain the actual state of digitalization of public administration in the Republic of Croatia.

Steps of digitalization service

Result of this service
Clickable prototype

A medium to high resolution prototype that imitates the future digital solution for the purpose of its easier presentation to future users in order to get their feedback. All the key elements of the solution are clickable and simulate the actual actions for a particular user input.

Functional specification of solution

It lists all the functionalities of the future system, applications and user interactions. Possible display iterations and possibilities presented to the digital solution user are stated. This specification clearly defines the future solution and can be used for solution development, as well as a brief to the programmers, according to which the technical specification and the final product is made.

Performance indicators

In the project, key performance indicators are determined in two phases. In the first phase after the research, key performance indicators for a yet undefined solution are defined, while, after the functional specification has been prepared, the quantitative indicators are determined, that will determine its successful implementation.

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Selected case study

The selected project of designing a digital solution in public administration understood a city preschool system in Croatia. From the initial broad challenge, the focus was reduced to the improvement of the communication between the educators and parents through a specialized mobile application. A big advantage lies in including the needs and ideas of all the process participants (parents, educators, other experts) from the very beginning of conceiving the solution.

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