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An energy company in Croatia

Research of internal perception of environmental protection

About the project


The project goal for our client, an important energy company in Croatia, was to explore the internal perception of the term „environmental protection“ in the company and to establish how different departments perceive this term. The desired project deliverable was a list of activities that would promote environmental protection within the company.

Step one

Since there were a large number of employees, the first step in the research process was to conduct a survey on environmental protection at the company level. We then compared the analyzed results with similar practices and trends within the energy industry. The most important part of the research phase were the empathic interviews with employees, which gave us crucial information on internal challenges and potential solutions to the project topic.

Step two

A large amount of data had to be synthesized. Employee personas were created based on collected insights and different perceptions of the term environmental. In that way, we could define our target audience of future solutions. We also mapped different areas of influence on the perception of environmental protection and extracted employee ideas for future activities.

Step three

In order to filter the ideas, we first organized a co-creation workshop with the client and created the matrix of ideas, based on feasibility and compliance with the initial challenge. The filtered ideas were then presented to the selected employees on ideation workshops in order to synchronize them to their needs.

Step four

For all selected solutions, we created an implementation time plan. Specific key performance indicators have been defined that will be monitored during implementation in order to achieve the best possible cumulative effect of the process.