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Association for the education of children “Pričalica”

Happy association for happy children.

About the project


Educational-recreational center “Pričalica” is located in Sarajevo. Its goal is education, fun and quality development of children. The owner of the center is exposed in the media via a TV show for children. The work of the center is recognized on the market through a loyal community of satisfied parents.


How can “Pričalica” better monetize the services with the goal of long-term sustainability?

Step one

By collecting information via office and field research we understood the motives and needs to educate children outside the kindergarten and elementary school, the current opportunities in Vogošće and Sarajevo and how the parents see the future of their children. By defining unfulfilled market needs and sore points of the association we obtained main insights for ideation.

Step two
Generating potential solutions

Synthetized information was then applied in the preparation of brainstorming workshops the goal of which was to produce as many ideas as possible. Each of several groups of participants created ideas for different visitor persona.

Step three
Creating the business strategy

By advancing the association, the risk of future business operations was reduced and the direction of further project development was obtained. An innovative business model was designed in which additional value was created through services, sustainable collection strategy was created, franchise model was devised and differentiation elements defined.


After cooperation, the association adopted created strategies which resulted in adopting a new business model, relocating to new business premises, and in a completely new visual and digital identity.