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Business process optimization

About the project


ING-GRAD is one of the top-10 construction companies in Croatia which, as their slogan says: renews the heritage and builds the future. In 2019. ING-GRAD was amongst the 200 most prominent companies in Croatia, revenue-wise.


Complex business processes characterize the construction industry of which the company is a part. Even the slightest fluctuations in construction processes can result in significant deviations in efficiency and profitability. ING-GRAD has experienced continuous growth in the last 10 years, which was challenging to follow organizationally.

The challenge of this project was: How to optimize business processes and communication channels within the organization?

Step one

To better understand the situation the company is facing, we conducted in-depth interviews with more than 25 employees from various sectors of the company, including the Management Board.

It was crucial from the beginning of the project to consider the views of all stakeholders so that together, during all steps of the process, through a detailed analysis of the situation, we could co-create a solution.

Step two

We defined and mapped more than 300 insights that we divided into clusters based on the gathered data.From these clusters, we defined 8 different dimensions inside the company  where improvements could be implemented.

Step three

We facilitated a series of ideation workshops, where service designers from Prokotip worked together with experts from different company sectors to co-create solutions.

Step four
Ptototyping and testing

The ideas and solutions from the ideation phase were sketched and visualized so they could be tested on employees. To create an acceptable solution for all stakeholders, ideas were tested on the employees who could particularly by affected by the future change.

Step five

Changes in work habits do not happen overnight. The implementation phase is currently carried out through the provision of service design support where one expert from Prokotip coordinates a weekly implementation meeting in order to support the implemented changes and achieve the desired results.