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The World Youth Alliance Croatia

Social innovation

About the project


The World Youth Alliance Croatia is an international non-profit youth organization incorporated with the goal of protecting human dignity in all the spheres of social life. WYA acts through projects and initiatives with the focus on education, advocation, and culture.


How to inspire youth to more efficiently promote and protect human dignity in all the spheres of social life?

Step one

With detailed market analysis, via benchmark examples of good practice and in-depth interviews, we discovered what inspired volunteers to be in the association and what their motivation for active participation is.

Step two

The synthesis of insights detected key sore points of the alliance due to frequent fluctuation of members, and user profiles for whom solutions are created were defined.

Step three

Within phase three of the process, challenges were defined more precisely according to categories of process stakeholders: employees and management, volunteers and members, wider audience. In ideation, based on set challenge, it is important for solutions to foster authenticity and creativity of participants.

Step four
Prototyping and testing

Defined solutions were tested at an event in which we included various services and elements of WYA action, and we invited volunteers and employees of the alliance. After testing potential solutions, we asked for feedback to improve suggested solutions.

Step five

Implementation contains a detailed elaboration for the realization of a redefined challenge: How can WYA Chapter Croatia become a flagship in Europe? The strategic plan is structured from internal success communication, increase of visibility amongst the young, improvement of mentorship through a more personalized approach to volunteers and competent transfer of knowledge, to the inspiration of the Croatian chapter as the leading one.


A strategy of long-term and short-term goals was defined in which WYA Croatia becomes a flagship model of the world WYA organization. Based on created prototype, strong foundations were set for recognizing the need for a more efficient transfer of knowledge among members, as well as better communication with the public about the alliance’s achievements thus far.