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Publication: “The Future of Service Design”

The Köln International School of Design, the cradle of Service Design, issued "The Future of Service Design", a publication that celebrates 25 years of existence of Service Design as a full-fledged discipline.We strongly recommend everyone...

Publikacija: “The Future of Service Design”

Međunarodna škola dizajna u Kölnu, prema mnogima kolijevka uslužnog dizajna, izdala je "The Future of Service Design", publikaciju koja slavi 25 godina postojanja service designa. Svima zainteresiranima za sadašnjost i budućnost service designa preporučujemo...

Meet ProkoTips!

#ProkoTips are here!We believe that creativity and change go hand in hand and that change starts with small steps. That's why we created ProkoTips - creative cards that help improve and develop business sustainability and...

Customer Journey Workshop

Do you ever wonder about the journey of your customers? When was the last time you tried to sketch the whole process from the user’s perspective? This week we had a workshop with Rochester...

Fjord trends in 2021

Every year Fjord shares a report about the new trends to look out for. Here you can read about how the COVID pandemic influenced a boost in creativity, how our workplace is evolving, the...


Service Design Sprint in Ljubljana

In Ljubljana, Slovenia where we performed a „service design sprint”. In this three-day workshop, we covered three key service design phases: empathy, synthesis, and ideation in order to detect challenges and discuss possible solutions....