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Antun Paradžik, MBA

Service Design Researcher Service Design certifikat, IDEO

The first person who shall take on your project is Antun. His analytical and focused mind does not allow for coincidences and lack of information, for that reason, he regularly reads several expert books in the research phase, he goes through all the relevant research and like a chameleon, he integrates in the industry that is topic of the project. He says that integration is the key due to empathy, to sensitize with interviewees in in-depth interviews. Antun truly appreciates many different cultures, especially Chinese culture. He spent eight years of his life in Mandarin speaking environment, he was educated and sold a successful business there.
As service designer, in research he is especially inspired by the power of data that this phase can produce and its essential significance in setting a strong foundation for further phases of the innovation process. Antun is truly a person who learns every step of the way, whether about business or fusion cooking that is his passion.