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Team canvas workshops

Team strengthening workshops

About the project

What is team canvas?

Team canvas is a workshop or a series of workshops intended to strengthen teams, create clear ideas of all segments of work, detect members wishes and needs, and solve possible challenges in business.


The success that the construction company ING-GRAD has had in the last 30 years of its business is owed foremost to the quality of human capital. Introduction of innovation as part of culture is aimed at continuous improvement of the company’s business operations. Team canvas workshop had the goal of additionally strengthening communication and cohesion within work groups, primarily through articulating common, as well as personal goals. New communication channels, more efficient tasks execution, team building and fast solution of possible unforeseeable challenges were some of workshops topics.

Feniks computers

The company Feniks is a reputable retail chain of technical and computer equipment and to many the place where they bought their first computer. The goal of the workshop was to achieve better understanding of the vision and mission of the company, as well as getting to know work processes and communication channels. The result were three concrete points that can be immediately implemented for the purpose of improving business processes and the manner of communication.

Lotrščak and Ružičnjak

Elementary schools Lotrščak and Ružičnjak are private schools that help their students build character and embrace virtues.
Team Canvas workshop for the school staff addressed the issue teachers have in general, where they are often on their own, so the goal of the workshop was to create teams for them and also the non-teaching staff where they could share ideas, knowledge, and teaching techniques. The results of the workshop were unique ways of connecting and sharing knowledge for every team individually.


  • “We rarely have an opportunity to talk like this about everyday challenges; this workshop should become our weekly routine!”
  • “As a new team member, this workshop helped me understand completely the responsibilities of each team member.”
  • “After the workshop, team members commenced with weekly meetings and better organization of their work.”