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Our services

Service design

Service design is a holistic process of solving a business challenge in which natural steps are used to attempt to get from the source to a creative solution in the form of a business model ready for implementation. It consists of several modules that are applied as a whole or separately.


Research and synthesis of collected data

The basis of creating a new service, product or another business solution is quality aimed research and detection of needs. More

    In this phase, all key data are collected which serve as inspiration for the final solution. With primarily obtained information about the industry, buyers and needs, a secondary research is also performed (in-depth interviews with actual users). Collected data are synthetized into a sensible and mapped whole. With tools such as buyer persona, stakeholders’ map and customer journey, information is converged from divergency (research breadth), and the goal to be achieved in the process is specified.


    Collected and synthetized data about buyer preferences and motivations, competition and industry are ready to be used for the purpose of further processing.


Generation of ideas and preparation of a solution prototype

Ideation or creation of ideas is a process with the aim of inducing creative and innovative solutions (from impossible to easily achievable). More

    Collected and synthetized data from earlier phases are presented to a group made up of diverse process stakeholders and with them we generate ideas with the goal of creating a solution. Some of ideation methods are brainstorming and brainwriting. After selecting and elaborating ideas, the preparation of a simple solution model follows, which presents selected ideas for testing in the target market.


    Created solution prototype based on obtained ideas and initially defined criteria.


Product testing with target audience and help in the implementation

Future users are presented with the solution prototype in real environment so that based on their interaction with the prototype More

    we could obtain feedback and improve the solution. The process (of testing and perfecting the prototype) is iterated as many times as necessary. The tested solution is prepared for implementation and adequate partners and implementation channels are found.


    A solution that passed the market test, that has a concrete plan and strategy, and that is ready for implementation.

Holistic solution of challenges

Services inspired by service design specially designed for solving concrete challenges.

Guiding innovation

Innovation is a long-term process of constant transformation of user input into creative and sustainable solutions.


Your adaptability to external challenges and buyers’ needs, higher probability of creating opportunities and competitive advantage.

Change management

Any change is difficult and demands special attention to be implemented painlessly.More

    Whether it is a minor process within a company or transformation of the company in the digital sense, our team guides your change so that it would go as planned.


    Expertly guided change process within a company.

of teams

With a number of different tools, we detect directions of teams development inside the company, More

    we attempt to select their needs, ideas, visions and to harmonize their goals with the goals and abilities of the company to achieve better business results.


    More motivated teams with clearly defined goals.

Internal diagnostics

Internal research of processes within a company, current strategies and presenting solutions More

    in the form of actions or a set of actions with the goal of achieving long-term change.


    Review of the company through “different eyes”, list of improvement proposal.


Masterclass of introducing innovation

A course in introducing innovation in which we pass through the innovation process and all its phases. The second part of the lecture is of hands-on format, in which through tasks and cases from practice attendees obtain a complete overview of the process.

Service design workshops

In workshops we pass all service design phases on a live example. In one workshop we pass all process phases, from research through ideation to concretization of a solution ready for implementation.


Cooperation with educational institutions and associations